what is this??

I’m no expert in love… I mostly happen to fall in it. But I do know about how to find a job, the search process, the ups, downs, and being ecstatic when you finally find that one job you’ve been waiting for. I’m a big believer that I can use the career search process to find my soul mate. The cheese to my wine. The sprinkles to my ice cream. The Luna to the Stella….

Keep reading to find  the career and soul mate that matches you. The one that completes you. The one that sticks… like the peanut butter to your jelly.

This blog explores that finding your career is a similar process to finding your soul mate. You “shopped”, asked someone out, gone on dates, and had a significant other. You’ve been there before. Well, now you have the transferable skills to find your career!

hello? who’s there?

And who is this Career Coach that will whip your resume into shape? Stella Yuen— your 27 year old counselor who has over 6 years of recruiting, hiring, interview, job search preparation, and professional development experience. I was unemployed for 6 months after graduation (hey, keeping it real), but was able to build several Career Services from the ground up.

Aside from work, work, work, and helping change people’s lives (been working in non-profits for 13+ years!), I enjoy cheese, desserts, beach volleyball, down blankets, talking and cuddling. I have an intense passion for eating my heart out. Ya feel me? Check out my reviews on YELP!


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