In a Dilemma and don’t know what to Choose?


I’m pretty active on LinkedIn and respond to posts I’m intrigued by. I once shared how I got a degree in Higher Education Counseling, but transitioned into working at a nonprofit instead. Because of my post, a job seeker reached out to me for my advice. I spoke to her for about half an hour about my transition and what nonprofits were looking for. Yesterday, I followed up to see how her search was going.

She mentioned that there may be an offer, but didn’t know what to do. I didn’t give any advice and simply asked her these questions to help make her decision:

  1. Is this position something that you’re passionate about?
  2. Can you sustain a lifestyle knowing that you are going to get $xx.xx with you having to pay benefits and retirement = less gross income?
  3. Can you grow in this position? Or do you have to move out to get promoted?
  4. Does this get your foot in the door?
  5. Do your values align with their mission and you believe in the cause?
  6. Are you going to negotiate salary? (which you should!)
  7. Can you see yourself working well with your colleagues?
  8. If you’re not fully excited about this position, can you wait to find another one?

Going into a relationship? Ask yourself these same questions to see if you should commit.

In the end, we assessed that she could wait and keep searching because she knows she’s worth more than what she’s being offered. Just make sure you know your worth and take your time. The biggest key to finding your peanut butter is to be proactive, but patient as well. Keep your options open, but don’t always jump at the first thing that comes your way. Good luck finding the #onethatsticks!


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