Why You Should Travel With The People Closest To You


These past couple of months, I’ve been packing my bags and draining my wallet to travel for work and some much needed vacations. From San Diego to Portland to Fallbrook, to Santa Barbara, my next stop is the Grand Canyon this weekend. All these trips have either been for work or pleasure and each time, I go with different groups of people from work, volunteer, and close friends.

This past weekend, I went to Santa Barbara on a whim and found out that if you can travel with a person, it’s definitely a milestone in your relationship. Traveling with people is very different than if they are at home in their own natural element. You know you can/will collaborate with this person if they:

  • Go with the flow. Travel, especially out of the country, can be very stressful if you are not familiar with the lay of the land. You can easily get lost or take the wrong routes. See if this person is able to take initiative to figure out what to do next.
  • Can interact with the locals. It’s cool if you are all talking but see if this person takes the time to interact with other people and what their interaction is like. Are they rude? Patient? Friendly? This shows that this person values diversity and tries to understand the culture.
  • Are adaptable. Plans can definitely change when you are travelling, but is this person able to adapt to new and different situations when not everything goes according to plan? Adaptable people are very easy going and therefore helps blend in more.
  • Don’t complain. You may be walking more than usual, taking public transportation instead of driving, adjusting to new weather, etc. Does this person keep complaining about every single thing or accept that they’re in a new location and adjusts accordingly? A person who doesn’t complain is a good companion because they are willing to compromise.
  • Will try new things. Different places offer unique specialties whether it’s their food, culture, adventures, etc. Is this person adventurous enough to try bugs, dance a cultural dance or speak a new language? If they are, they’re not afraid of a challenge or change.
  • Create relationships. Trips can be short or long, but they main thing is they can bring people together through everything you do together. From when you wake up to going back to sleep, you can be spending a good amount of time with certain people. If you take this valuable time to know each other, the relationship will come out stronger when you come back.

Not every travel engagement will be easy breezy, but it does help when you’re going with the right people. It will make or break your experience and you can tell a lot about a person when you break them out of their comfort zone. Have you and your Peanut Butter pass this relationship milestone?



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