What I Learned From Going To A Strip Club


Well, well, well. There’s always room for new experiences and my past weekend on my trip in Portland Oregon was nothing but eventful. Not only did we go to 3 donut places, had a 15 course meal, went shopping tax free, watched the free flowing water of a natural waterfall, but we also ended our trip and went to a strip club. Yep, my first time and you know what, bring it on! Going to a strip club isn’t easy for some people because it can be uncomfortable, too showy, people can judge, etc. But this is what I learned from going:

  • Respect. These girls work hard. Have you ever tried working a pole?? It’s about working your core, your strength and also putting on a good show. It’s not as effortless as it looks and to go out there, naked too?? Respect, man.
  • It takes a lot of time commitment. Practice, practice, practice makes perfect. You’re not going to learn how to move like that overnight (lucky if you can) so I realized the time and effort it takes to put on the show.
  • You have to have lots of confidence. These girls are parading around in next to nothing (or simply just nothing), having people watch and judge. It’s not easy to bare everything but letting go of how other people think is key.
  • Tip because they deserve it. Putting on a show is not easy. Don’t forget to show your appreciation and give people the tip they deserve.
  • Lastly, be open-minded. My friends are still in awe of what they saw and it basically opened up a whole new world of learning and experiencing something new. Don’t close yourself off to new possibilities.

You are probably wondering, how does this relate to love and careers? I’m not saying you should go date a stripper but… if you look at the keywords above, doesn’t it relate to how relationships should be? Relationships in the workplace or in your intimate life is definitely not easy but all have common themes of respect, confidence and being open-minded. We cannot go through relationships if we’re not willing to try something new with that person. How else can we grow?


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