Do you believe in love at first sight?


Okay, okay. I know I’ve been slacking, but I’m back! The new year has passed and so has my birthday which means time is ticking to Find My Peanut Butter…. just kidding… but not really…

However, this new year, I’m excited to share a story about how I found the career half of my peanut butter (and explain why I’ve been hiding). Everything I’ve been writing about in 2015 has finally been put into practice and I’ve got a new, exciting job to prove it!

It happened when I least expected it… I wasn’t fully committed to move on from my previous position, but was open to new possibilities since there was absolutely no growth. Yes, there was still so much more I could still do but at times, I felt stuck and overwhelmed. When I saw positions that sparked my interest, I decided to apply, but was very selective and didn’t waste my time applying to positions I didn’t care about.

  • My first company, I interviewed with an entertainment company. I found it on LinkedIn and happened to know the recruiter that was hiring. I went through 2 rounds of interviews and they ultimately decided someone else was a better fit. I thought so too considering I don’t watch enough TV to be in the industry. That’s cool.
  • My second company I interviewed for was with the largest search engine. I went through 3 interviews and got fantastic feedback but they went with another candidate because they believe I was overqualified. Devastating.
  • My third and last interview is with the accounting firm I’m with now. What stood out to me was the company culture and the people (which sounds so cliche, but it’s true). I found out about this position when my friend posted it on her facebook (networking at it’s finest!). I applied for it immediately.

Pretty soon, I got a call back for an interview. I was ecstatic but rusty on my interview skills so I looked up questions on Google, asked questions to my accounting friends, and practiced every day for almost a week. I did a thorough research of their website, looked up what was going on in the industry and of course, stalked the interviewers on LinkedIn.

It was time! I drove 2 hours (in LA traffic of course) to get to their office and was nicely greeted at the front. I spoke with the guy who was in my current position and we had a great conversation about what the position entailed and what they were looking for. We talked for about 1.5 hours which I felt like if it lasted that long, they must have really wanted to get to know me. Throughout the conversation, the position sounded exactly like what I was hoping for! Perfect! At this point, I was getting really excited!

Second date time. I got a call back to move on to the next round which was a phone interview with the HR Director. We had it at 7AM to accommodate my work schedule and I was so worried about missing it, I woke up early. So I just sat in my bed and looked over my practice interview questions. Once 7AM hit, I got on the phone and had a similar conversation to my previous one. Sweet.. I got this! My confidence is sky high right now.

After the 2nd interview, I waited about 3-4 weeks to finally hear back that I will be moving onto the next round. With this 3rd one, I was flown up to the Bay Area to their headquarters to meet with the recruiters. I met with the HR director in person plus two of their Bay Area recruiters. What was interesting about this interview was that another candidate was flown up and interviewing at the same time as well, so I got to see who I was “competing” against. Naw girl, I ain’t scared of you!

It was kind of awkward because we didn’t really know what to say to each other, but I was confident in my abilities. I talked to each of the interviewers individually for about 1 hour each and had some really great conversations. What I noticed was that we all had the same energy and passion and that’s when I knew I absolutely wanted this position!  Could it be a match?? At this rate, I was willing to do anything to work for this company. I believed so much with their values and got along with and clicked with their staff. You can say I almost fell in love…

More waiting and a 4th interview was finally set up. When are they going to commit?? This time, I went back to the LA office to meet with 4 partners (some of the most senior level people). I was there for 4 hours at the end of the day and didn’t leave till 7PM! I was exhausted, but I loved it! You would think talking to such senior level people would be intimidating, but we were just shooting the breeze half the time and just talking about life. It’s like meeting the parents and I loved it. Now I knew I had to work here!

After leaving, I made sure to write all my thank you emails and got some pretty nice responses back that made me really excited! I was so eager to hear back, I literally didn’t make any plans for the next couple weeks and jumped whenever my phone rang. Yep, I was that sad.

FINALLY, I got a call back when I was at work and got offered the position and of course, I committed. I was so excited, I didn’t even know who to call first! It was surreal. And now that I’ve been at this position for about a month, I can’t believe how lucky I am to find the right fit. I knew since the beginning that I wanted this job, got it, and now can’t be any more in love with it! Was it love at first sight? Possibly. But I’m excited to see what’s next!

Now, my love life on the other hand… could it also happen when I’m least expecting? Cross your fingers for me because I’m hoping for an exciting new year of Finding My Peanut Butter!!


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