I Ain’t Asking For No Netflix and Chill


Last week, I asked if it was okay for a girl to ask a guy out and that sparked some, well, controversy. It’s interesting because at the end of the day, how you answer the question is based on your own opinion and perspective. There’s no right or wrong answer. It really depends on how comfortable you are in the situation and whether or not you care how the other person perceives you. Ironically enough, I’ve had many people message me privately sharing their thoughts because they are too shy to share on facebook.

Here are some of my personal thoughts about the topic (because it’s a blog after all):

  • First of all, I respect the women that can/ have asked a guy out. Whether it turned out well or not, it definitely takes guts and I admire the initiative.
  • It’s almost 2016. With the push for more women in power and as entrepreneurs, why can’t they also ask a guy out?! 
  • A women should not hesitate to ask a guy out because there’s too much at stake. How do you think a guy feels when he asks women out?! We always fight for women equality, so why put up with a double standard?
  • Yes, guys use women for one night stands… doesn’t mean women don’t play games either. It really depends on the time of your life, maturity, and priorities. If you want a proper date and/or relationship, make your intentions known. Like a commenter said, you have a choice not to put out.
  • If asking a guy on a date gives the impression that you simply want to sleep with him, then what is a women asking a male boss for a raise? Should I not be confident enough to take the initiative? It’s not like I’m going to forgo asking for a raise because I seem too pushy…
  • If it’s rare for a guy to get asked out, shouldn’t they be flattered? I’ve asked many guys this and they think this is true. In fact, they want women to take the initiative because it’s just as nerve wracking for them.
  • I’m a pretty confident person. I’m not going to let anyone stop me or judge me for what I take initiative in doing.
  • My female co-worker asked her now husband out and my male co-worker had been asked out by his now wife. They couldn’t be any happier. Who’s to say you can’t go for what you want because you’re a woman?

Here’s my last thought: If and when I ever get the courage and confidence to ask a guy out, I will make sure my intentions are known. It’s my choice of what I want out of the situation. How I conduct myself is what I get because people are not mind readers. However, I’m not going to sit back and let someone else do all the work if I want something/ someone. So be confident and get yourself out there ladies because it’s time for you to Find Your Peanut Butter and the #onethatsticks!


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