Hello, Can You Hear Me?


Hello, can you hear Albert Qian? Founder of Albert’s Job Listings, he is our guest blogger today talking about acknowledgement. Do you need it from your job or romantic relationship? Let’s see if we can hear you from the other side…

The human condition is a fragile one. Weathering the storms of life, from romantic relationships to rocky career transitions, our emotions are constantly tested, and from them we transform into better people than we came in with. As I’ve read the Find Your Peanut Butter blog in the past several months, I’ve come to discover just how similar both are, despite the fact that few make the comparison.

You might have tuned in to your radio or come across mainstream music artist Adele’s latest single in the past week, titled Hello. Lionel Richie this isn’t, but rather a ballad seeking forgiveness in love, one rare in a world filled with songs espousing the feeling of victimization or loss — yes, I am looking at you TS fans.

Aside from the diva-off, this Adele instant-classic, sure to be a part of an award-winning CD, provides not only a refreshing song to listen to, but an important primer on life: the gift of acknowledgement and the importance of being both seen and heard, even in the most painful and gut-wrenching of times. Hello from the other side…

Whether we are in a romantic relationship or a satisfying job, the need for acknowledgment arises, whether we seek physical intimacy or simply want to know how our work is coming across. Nowhere is this more apparent when you look at the millennial population, accused of everything from being an entitled generation to taking advantage of participation trophies to job hopping far too quickly.

However these issues can be observed, this is simply a by-product of the advancement of society. Young college graduates for example, have been seen bringing their parents to job interviews, while somehow struggling to pay attention to conversations and relationships in general. All the while, job applications go unanswered, voicemails unreturned, and don’t even get me started on the buffet line that are modern dating apps. The lack of even a simple, automated acknowledgment is perpetuating a generation of apathy that we can avoid. I mean sure, we can toss them yet another workplace perk, but even as statistics show, they simply don’t care.

I must have called a thousand times…

It’s been said time and time again in the world of sales that customers simply do not care about your product until they see that you, the buyer, care about them. If this statement is true, then the thirst for acknowledgment in today’s world must be satiated. While it’s obvious that each individual finds acknowledgement in different manners, we must work harder as a society to open the necessary communication channels to not just serve those above and below us, but across us as well.

Some suggestions:
Spend time acknowledging others each week. Terces and Matthew Englehart (founders of the critically acclaimed vegan restaurant Cafe Gratitude) write about the importance of noticing others in Kindred Spirits and sharing their encouragement. Whether you’re at work or on a date, point out the positive. The point is that we can all improve, but rarely do we stop to actually smell the roses we’ve planted.

Ask — what you want, and what others want. The average human being wants to get more out of their lives. I personally believe that when you challenge someone to rise to the occasion and be extraordinary, the bar is usually met. Unfortunately I don’t think enough people seek to see the best in others and set these challenges.

Once you ask and give/take, listen. As human beings we have two eyes, two ears, and one mouth. Intelligently designed or otherwise, we were made to see others and hear others, and only then do we reply. As a marketer, I cannot emphasize the importance of words and their impact on another person. Why not use them for love and acknowledge someone — even today? Whether they forgot your anniversary or arrived into work 5 minutes later than usual, the important fact is that they are there. Change your words, change life.

My challenge to you this upcoming holiday season where you’ll find yourself surrounded by wonderful friends, family, co-workers, and loved ones is to exercise the power of acknowledgement, and to see and hear people you normally might not. We may not have the expressive and earth-shattering voice of Adele to ask for our acknowledgement, but by simply giving what we do, we set the intention to change everything from the vast expanses of planet earth to the lives of those in front of us, while making our lives and the human condition slightly easier.


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