Play With Me… But You’re Not Going to Win

date me

I was at a halloween party (can we say networking opp?!– says the nerd in me) this past weekend and my friend met this guy. She thought they hit it off and they had a good, fun, flirty conversation. He asked for her number and naturally, she gave it to him because she was interested. The guy called that night and they scheduled something for the next day.

How exciting! She was looking forward to hanging out and getting to know him. Could he be her potential Peanut Butter? The #onethatsticks??

However, he told her he would have to take a raincheck since he wasn’t feeling well (did he have that much to drink?!). They were texting, but she got impatient and called him to get the full scoop. They ended the conversation with her asking if there was anything she could do to help. There wasn’t.

Here were the after thoughts and actions:

  • Felt a weird vibe thinking that he wasn’t interested after all
  • But then why ask for the number and called that night to come over after the party?!
  • She texted him to check up on him. No answer.
  • Was he only interested because of the alcohol??
  • Maybe he’s been super busy.
  • Is he the type of guy that takes forever to text back?
  • Texted again. No answer.
  • Okay, is it getting desperate and needy?!
  • Really, is he interested or not??????

He got her number. Check. Called her to set up a date. Check. Bailed… Is he just playing games or is he truly just busy? Is the point of getting the phone number just a game? A boost of self confidence? Why make the the other person suffer?

Lecture time: What is a game for one person may not be for another. Take responsibility for your actions and take other people’s feelings into consideration. And if you’re this person, please give this poor girl a call back. At least there will be no questions left and you can stop being perceived at this awful person with bad communication. Joking! But not really…


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