If You Wanna Be My Lover…


I’m not a big Star Wars or Harry Potter fan (I know, I know, calm down…), but I do consider myself a huge nerd. I share with my college students that I like to read professional development books in my spare them. They laugh, but I know it will be beneficial in the long run.

Check this. When you get into a relationship, do you stop trying to impress the guy or girl because you already got them? Probably not. I’m telling ya, it’s only the beginning and there’s so much to learn! Though you may have been there done that, starting a relationship with a new person is different and there’s a lot to figure out and accomodate. Hopefully, they will be the one to make you a better version of yourself.

I am a big believer that you should hire someone smarter than you. That goes the same for relationships. I want to learn and constantly be a better version of myself. Here are some ways to get some professional development in your life:

  • Books/articles: I am always on LinkedIn for professional development and AskMen.com for dating advice (don’t ask while I find it better than Cosmo…) The point is, there are some amazing pieces you can read while you’re standing in line or before bed and advice you can apply and try in your life
  • Conferences: This one is my favorite because you learn so many different pieces about the topic of your choice. It can range from professional, love, personal, etc. These are easy to find all over the place!
  • Retreats: Aaaah, the getaway! This is a chance for you to get away, relax, and enjoy your time while learning more about yourself and others. When do we really do that in our daily lives?!
  • Mentors: Do you have someone that you trust and always go to advice? Well, you’re already ahead of the game. Make sure to constantly reach out to these people in your lives and share your accomplishments (or pitfalls)
  • Friends: As you know, I’m pretty clueless when it comes to dating, but talking to friends about their situation (good or bad) always gives me some insight. I learn from their experiences and it’s interesting to hear what advice they have to give (and sometimes it’s brutally honest!)

You can tell that there are several ways to acquire new knowledge, but keep in mind that you also have to use this to work on yourself. With ongoing professional development, you will adapt to be your best self for yourself and others!


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