Now Accepting Applications for my Prince Charming


Approaching 28, I can’t help to think… “Is time really ticking?!” On facebook (yeah, I know), I see new wedding or baby photos literally every weekend! I just went to my friend’s 3 year old birthday party! People I grew up with in elementary school up to college are getting new, great jobs, getting engaged, married, or pregnant. So as I listen to my Brian McKnight station on Pandora, I can’t help but think: when’s my time going to come? I used to think that I would be married by 25 and have kids by 27. Well, that ship has more than sailed! So am I in a rush? Am I willing to settle?

I know this guy. Oh, this poor guy. Others keep telling me how desperate he is to find a girl and yet, there hasn’t been much success. He’s gotten dates from many different online sites, but he’s not able to turn them into more long term relationships. Every where he goes, he asks if there are cute girls in hopes of landing a date. What’s the secret to his failure? Being DESPERATE…and he comes off as just that! Sorry kiddo, but the ladies can sense it and no wonder why they are running away. They can see you bouncing around from girl to girl, trying to make a half ass connection to get a date when it isn’t genuine or that meaningful.

Desperate features: Being too available, clingy, needs a constant update, drop standards, always trying to impress someone, agrees to everything you say, and always needs assurance.

When you’re looking for a job, don’t make the same mistake this guy is doing. People will know when you’re going to a networking event and trying to gather as many business cards as possible just so you can get a job. Yes you have bills to pay, rent, student loans, you gotta eat, etc. but is it really worth your time to apply to any old job and a) not enjoy it and b)end up back at square one? When you are desperate, you do not come off as approachable and people do not want to help you if that’s the case. Not to mention, you will be known as “the desperate one”.

So to answer your question, I’m not in a rush or willing to settle. Though it may take a bit longer, it’s worth taking time to find the perfect peanut butter.


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