Take this quiz to find out if you’re friendzoneable!


Friendzoneable. It’s officially a word because I said so.

Okay, I admit, I’m not the girliest of girls. I think anyone can tell you that. I’m loud, talk a lot, love to eat, not afraid to speak my mind, and am sarcastic. I don’t always sit in the most lady like positions and occasionally like to punch people. Yeah, I’ve even been called a bro… more than once, or twice. I’m myself even when I’m around guys I like. I’m just being real. I’ve been told by guys that I’m really easy to hang out with. However, I’m sure some guys want a girl’s girl and not one of his bros. Do I hear friendzone?!

Take this quiz to find out if you’re friendzoneable:

1. They keep telling you that you’re a great FRIEND
2. Being told you’re awesome… for someone else!
3. You are needy and will do anything for a girl/guy.. they take advantage!
4. Get called a bro if you’re a girl or “you’re just like my girl friend!” if you’re a guy
5. They tell you their problems. They wouldn’t if they cared how you judged them.
6. They try to set you up with their friend
7. You are always doing what they want to do, not compromising
8. Asks for favors instead of winning your heart

Job Searching:
1. You’re qualified, but they will put your resume “on file”
2. They talk about interviewing other candidates
3. They are not carefully choosing their words to let you down easy. All you get is a generic thanks but no thanks email
4. Recommend you to look at other organizations
5. Want to to purchase their products or service as a loyal customer
6. Give you free stuff in hopes that you market for them (for free)

If you checked at least 3 from each category, you are definitely friendzonable!

Just kidding…Please be yourself and the right position and right person will come along. You don’t constantly want to pretend that you are someone else. It’s not fair to you either!


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