I Give Up On Love!


Dear Diary,

I’m such a loser. My friends have good paying jobs and a significant other. What’s wrong with me?? I always see people having so much fun and not caring about life = funemployed. Why can’t that be me?! Oh, it’s because I’m broke and no one wants to be with me. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

No One Wants Me

Well hello “No One Wants Me”! Can I help give you some motivation? Let’s start with this:

  1. Turn your negative thinking into positive. You can never compare yourself to anyone. Trust me, I have a twin and it’s just not healthy for your morale. This may take some time because not everyone is optimistic, but use different resources to help you
  2. Surround yourself with friends and family. What better way to find motivation than to be with those you love?
  3. Be proactive. They always say to do something everyday to contribute to your job search. This could be updating your resume & profile, practice interviewing, networking, following up, etc. Look at the math: Party + people = networking!
  4. Patience. Okay,  check yourself. Has it only been 2 weeks? Whether it’s a couple weeks or a couple months, offers happen at different times. Every known of the couple who were “official” after 1 week and the one that took 6 months? Yeah, different people run on different schedules.
  5. Try a different approach. Do you keep using online profiles and never hear back? Why don’t you try networking, talking to your family friends, getting a career/ dating coach, etc? There is not only one option, so use it to your advantage!
  6. Have something to look forward to. It can get real monotonous real fast = frustration. Set (SMART) goals and treat yourself when you get something accomplished. This can be as simple as an ice cream after you gotten an interview.
  7. Don’t ever give up. It’s easy to be frustrated and just give up. Gone to 10 interviews and 30 dates and still haven’t found the one? Well, it means something better is going to come along with a better fit for you and them.

To the person who thinks that no one wants them, pick yourself up and get yourself out there because jobs and relationships don’t come to people who simply sit around and complain!


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