Are You Simple & Chill or Extravagant & Grand?


In honor of my friend’s one year anniversary with his girlfriend (awwww!), we are going to celebrate with some fun ideas for the office and romantic relationships! As you know, one year is quite the milestone and a big reason to celebrate and share the love. What should we do??

First things first, keep in mind:

  • Presents are optional, but nice. However, don’t give anything generic or buy anything at the last minute.
  • Be thoughtful. Think back to when you first started and the little things along the way. It’s always touching when you remember the sweet stuff.
  • It doesn’t have to be big and grand. Sometimes being too extravagant and having too many things planned can ruin the mood, especially when you’re rushing to the next event.
  • Make sure you plan, but also expect to go with the flow if something doesn’t turn out right. Hey, shit happens.
  • Make it fun, light, and playful. Celebrations should be about well, celebrating. No need to be uptight and serious. Save that for later.
  • Last thing… you don’t have to celebrate. If you and your partner are cool with acknowledging the day and don’t want to do something big, who says you have to?

Ideas for the office:

  • Bonuses of course are nice and will keep an employee motivated!
  • Decorating an office/ desk
  • Personalized cake
  • Take everyone out for lunch

Ideas for the romantic life:

  • Cater to each other’s interest and try something new that you’ve never done before Build time around the past such as your first date or the place you kissed them the first time
  • A weekend trip or getaway such as the beach, wine tasting
  • Couples massage
  • Cook an extravagant meal together
  • Have a romantic Staycation with bubble bath, wine, dinner and movie
  • Make something for each other such as going to Color Me Mine or Wine and Paint night
  • Learn something new together like taking a cooking class, horseback riding, dancing, etc.
  • Do something you always joke about doing, but always think is too silly to

At the end of the day, be thankful that you are together, happy, and have a future to look forward to. Happy Anniversary!!


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