Can You Really Find Love at a Speed Networking & Dating Event?


I’m sure you realized by now I’m totally in love with food. You can’t technically say I’m not single because I’m really needy when it comes to eating…I’m committed for sure. This weekend was no exception! I volunteered for one of the largest tasting benefits in Los Angeles and was so excited from all the beautifully displayed food and drinks hosted by a non-profit organization called Plate by Plate.

With over 40 booths of food and drinks from exceptional restaurants all over LA, it was just like a speed networking and speed dating. Guests had 3 hours to hit up every booth and see what their favorites are. Here’s how to approach these type of events:

  • Rotate and spend equal amount of time for each person and pace yourself. You really want to listen and enjoy.
  • Don’t give a quick judgement. You have plenty more to try! If you already picked a favorite, you have already set the bar way too high for the rest of the night. Play favorites when you’ve given everyone a chance.
  • Ask questions. See something strange, curious about it, or don’t understand? Make sure you get the real deal.
  • Engage. It’s not all about you or them. Make sure to take part of the action and get to know each other better.
  • Embrace the uniqueness. I’m guessing you didn’t come because you we’re looking for one particular thing. Talking to different types of people, like trying new foods may open you up to a whole new world and help you discover something you may not have given a chance.
  • If you have a favorite at the end of the night, go back for more! That’s what following up is for.

Enjoy your event while I’m sitting over here eating my strange and delicious foods. Cheers!


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