Personalities According to Specialty San Diego & Orange County Fair Foods

Most people that know me pretty well know that my life pretty much is surrounded by eating. Every place I go to, I always try to eat something I never had before or something unique. Going to the San Diego and Orange County Fair make no exception. I haven’t gotten this excited to try strange foods for a while so I decided to compare fair foods to personalities of people. Check it out:

battered potatos
attered Potatoes: This was characterized as the Plain Jane known as the play it safe type of person. Sure, it’s battered and deep fried with a douse of nacho cheese, but it was really nothing special. I thought it could have been salted more and needed more spice in it’s life. It’s also safe because you know what you getting so there are no surprises. I got sick of it after a couple bites… boring!
Jack Daniel Infused Bacon Wrapped Churro: This was my least favorite dish and the one that tries too hard. You think “ooooohhhh alcohol and bacon”?! Overrated! I couldn’t taste the alcohol, the bacon was meh and the churro was dry and stale. This is the person who talks the talk, but does not live up to expectations.
Krispy Kreme Triple Decker Burger: This is the over the top person who tries to show off. Oh, look at me…I can fit 3 burger patties AND cheese in between two well known donuts. Although it’s a show off, my sister and I really liked this one and thought the combination of sweet and salty really worked together.
Fried Oreos: This is the cool, popular person. The one everyone likes. They’re simple, easy going, and a classic. The deep frying made the cake even softer, sweeter, and more likable. You can never go wrong with this friendly bunch.
Kool-icle: This is the one you’re skeptical about. Kool-Aid and Pickles? Sounds weird at first but once I tried it then I got used to it and began to grow on me. The sugary kool-aid really complemented the sweet and sour pickle and gave it a cherry undertone that you would not expect. However, it works and it’s surprisingly good!
imageBacon Wrapped Turkey Leg: 2 obvious fan favorites: Bacon and a turkey leg. Unlike the interesting combinations mentioned above, when you put bacon and a turkey leg together, the result was underwhelming,  The bacon was all fatty and did not even have that powerful bacon taste. Although, the turkey leg was good, it was not as amazing as I expected. Overall, it was good, but just that. In relation to a personality, this is the person you expect more from since they’re so hyped up, but ehhh, I’m kind of disappointed.
imageDeep Fried Peanut Butter and Pickle: Looks like the sweet and sour pickle found its match, found its peanut butter! Even at the fair, there is a place you can Find Your Peanut Butter! Though it sounds like a strange combination, this must be an opposites attracts type of relationship. This was one of my favorites and gave me hope that opposites can work together and make a fantastic partnership ;D


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