Looks Will Be Deceiving

imageThere’s not many times when my twin and I are together anymore, but as 20-something years olds, we assume we look and act differently from each other. When we were getting tea this weekend, the guy had to take a double take:

Twin: Can I get a white peach oolong tea?
Guy at the register: you already ordered one. We’re making it right now.
Twin: That was my twin. We ordered the same thing.

Hilarious right? But this just shows that not everything on the outside (or on paper) is not what it seems. I remember times where I read an online profile, fell in love with their description, and had a great conversation over text. When it was time to meet, I was disappointed. He was really witty and flirty when we texted. In addition, we had some great fun and deep conversations, but when we met up, he was dull… watching a tumbleweed  roll through the desert would have been more fun than trying to have a conversation with him.

This also shows you that not every position description is what meets the eye. When you read a position description, it could seem like your dream job (crossing my fingers for you!), but there are other factors that may apply. Office culture, ambiance, co-workers, management style, bureaucracy, etc. In addition, watch out for the positions that say “other duties as assigned”. That is the special surprise you have yet to figure out once you start the job. It can be deceiving: not what you expected.

Moral of the story: ask questions and do your research if you are unsure.  Not everything on paper or what you see immediately can tell you the whole story. However, don’t automatically judge something from what you only know and don’t make assumptions because I’ll bet you will be embarrassed (or in trouble) when you’re wrong. In our case, double trouble!


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