Is your best friend Jim, Jack or Jose?

partay!I just had my housewarming party a couple weekends ago and it was a blur, but so much fun! Friends from all over SoCal came and we had a blast talking, drinking, dancing, and even karaoking. Whether it’s parties or professional networking events, there are similar rules you should follow while at an event so you avoid being that person:

Interact with people: It’s very nerve racking talking to people that you don’t know, especially if you came alone or only know the host. But you got yourself there so that’s the first step! Now it’s time to start talking! Identify a few people to talk to (my trick is to stand by the food table). Did you really get dressed up and looked cute just to come here to be on your phone? You can do that at home!

Don’t start hitting on everyone: First of all, please don’t ask me if there are single people coming. I’m not a matchmaking service! However, parties and professional events are a great opportunity to meet new people so take advantage of the situation, but keep an open mind when you attend events so you’re not stuck hunting for one thing/ person. Second, do not start bouncing around the room. You may think you look like a social butterfly, but in reality, you look like a douche who can’t keep a conversation and also makes you seem uninterested. Focus on a few people to make meaningful connections and move on if/when you have to.

Don’t be sloppy: There was this one event I went to where I literally got 4 drinks spilled on me, including my own. Do you want fruity, beer, or wine? I had it all on me! What did I do to deserve that?! Granted, it was a little bit crowded, but more likely, people could not hold their liquor. Don’t be the sloppy one who doesn’t know their limit, especially if you are at something professional or in general trying to impress someone. You’re not as fun as you think the alcohol makes you!

Leave when you’re supposed to: Okay, I must be getting old or something, but there’s only so much fun I can have before I get tired and just want everyone to go home. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as extroverted as you can get, but I need to sleep too. If you see your host winding down, do them a favor and catch up with them next time! Don’t be the one to overstay your welcome. Sleep on my couch if you want… just let me sleep in my bed at a reasonable time!

Enjoy yourself: You dragged your ass out for whatever reason and you’re here. You made it. Each experience is what you make of it. Parties, events, activities, and meeting new people are meant to be fun, so don’t hold yourself back. I had people who would complain about my ice breakers, but ended up enjoying them. Don’t knock it till you try it! I invited you because I wanted you to have fun, not be a debby downer!

What are your crazy party stories??


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