She Will Make You Smile

jumpGirl, I didn’t really get to know you and we didn’t hang out, but I can tell you made quite the impression. I see all them guys around you! ;D Jokes aside, you have been a very positive and fun person and your personality is infectious.

Do you always want to be hanging out with Debbie Downer? I didn’t think so. Here are so positive traits and attitudes to look for while on a date or interview:

Gives you that wink: I was at a party and my friend was talking (okay flirting) with a guy. She was leaning in, practically whispering in his ear and making sure she was sending the right signals such as constant touching, smiling, and laughing. She knew how to listen, but also held a conversation. She made him feel like the only guy in the room– she was personable.

Gone like the wind: You laugh at them, they shrug it off. You say mean things, they ignore you and don’t take offense. You judge them, they stay strong. Life can be difficult, especially if you take everything to heart. But positive people learn to be carefree and just let go of things that are simply not that important.

Shake it off: I was in an opening dance act in college (go figure) and there was this one girl who was part of our team that couldn’t really get the steps perfectly and didn’t have too much rhythm. She didn’t care though. She had so much fun and was so confident that she made the dance look good! No matter if you think you suck at something or need to improve on it, work with your strengths to show some confidence.

Original: I love trying out new foods, especially living in Southern California. With so many choices, I have to try something original and unique. That’s how I like my dates and colleagues as well. It’s boring if everyone is all cookie cutter, but how about some diversity. What makes you, you?

Drop it like it’s hot: Work hard, play even harder. It’s easy to immerse yourself in something, but let go a little! Go out, have fun & know how to let loose! Taking breaks from something will help you stress out less and have more concentration and motivation for it later.

Goes in for the kiss: My date knew he wanted to kiss me so he did. No hesitations, no regrets. Just passion. Initiative. Drive. When someone has goals and knows what they want, you better hope you’re in their plan!

Miss Independent: It’s the hottest thing. They do their own thing, but when you get together, it’s sexier than ever. They have their own ideas, have no problems saying no, and is not clingy. If you look carefully, you can find someone who is independent but able to work as a team. Neyo was right about one thing!

Love is an open door: Communication is definitely key in all aspects of our lives. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, but at the same time, don’t hesitate to offer it either. Only you know what you’re thinking about, and since people can’t read minds, you need to share your thoughts. On the other hand, there may be situations where you don’t want to over share so be careful not to offend or hurt anyone.

Doesn’t take life for granted: I used to be a workaholic. Now I leave exactly after 8 hours. There’s more to life than just work or investing yourself in one relationship. While both are important, we need to also do stuff we enjoy such as hanging out with friends and family, indulge in our hobbies, volunteer, exercise and sleep.

What other positive traits would you like in your Peanut Butter?


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