That Sounds Amazing… You Jerk

soph for stel's blogGuest Blogger: Sophia Yuen aka THE twinnie

I want you to Find Your Peanut Butter. Sophia wants you to find that perfect slice of cake! Today, she talks about being careful when choosing a significant other or job because profiles and descriptions can be deceiving. Uh oh… trouble in paradise?

He’s 6 feet tall, has a great smile, nice hair, works out… I like where this is going.

He doesn’t mind playing tea party with his little sisters, cuddling with his dog, or taking his mom grocery shopping… cute!

He likes traveling, trying new foods, playing board games and drinking boba on a Friday night, listening to Backstreet Boys and is searching for the perfect slice of cake… Ok. Where’s the “like” button?!

You chat for a little bit to get to know each other and finally decide to meet in person.

Alright… he’s a little shorter than he said, but hey, he’s still taller than me. Geez, his hair is all over the place today, but maybe he’s just trying the messy look.  Ohhh, it turns out he was forced to play tea party with his sisters, only took his mom shopping because her car broke down and she didn’t have anything to cook him for dinner that night, and has tried boba once and hated it. Hmm… I don’t know if I really want to search for that perfect slice of cake with him anymore.

As much as you are trying to sell yourself, the other person you are interested in is doing the exact same thing. As much as you are interested in that position, that company you applied for is trying to sell themselves to you as well. Does 2 treadmills and an elliptical really count as an in-house gym? Does pizza everyday really count as “lunch provided”? Does “great benefits” really mean one health plan you can choose from and a dental and vision plan to come in the near future? With so many companies doing the same thing in the same field, there is a lot of competition – and a lot of competition to get the best employees. With dating, you have many choices, and with choosing the right company, you have more choices than you think.

What you see is not always what you get. Don’t settle for someone/something that is “good enough”. Like a good relationship, you should want to be with the next company for a long time. Check out their profile, do your research, get to know them, meet them in person, and remember that not only do you have to impress, but you should be impressed as well. I hope you find that perfect slice of cake!

Thank you twin. And I hope you find your peanut butter in perfect slices of cake…

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