Who am I saying “I DO!” to?

stella weddingOne of my friends went on about 25 dates that summer, hoping to meet the right one and commit. They had some suitors after the 2-3 date with 2 choices: to commit or move on. Unfortunately, they were not really feeling most of them.

If no:
o   Rejection: Ouch sorry, I guess you weren’t the one for them. Double ouch: You may or may not get a response letting you know and letting you down easy (you’re lucky if you do– at least you’re not left hanging).

o   Look, it’s you, not me. Baby, I’m afraid they might go with someone else. This may be harsh, but the truth is, people do date around and you may not be the right fit for them (or vice versa).

But there was one, OHHH, what seemed like a match made in heaven.

If yes:
o   Negotiation: This could be whatever term you need in order to start the relationship such as monetary needs, space, schedule, benefits, etc. Make sure what you request is fair and reasonable. You don’t want to seem too demanding.
o   Sign a contract: Will you be my boyfriend/girlfriend? It’s not official until it’s facebook official! Okay, just kidding, but both parties usually agree that they are officially committed to each other and will not be seeing other people. It’s okay, let the world know how excited you are!
o   Getting to know how to work with each other: You’re new to this relationship and not everyone is totally comfortable with each other yet. You test out how to work with each and see what makes them laugh, cry, happy, irritated, etc.
o   Introduce to peers: You may or may not done this already, but you are introduce to the friends and peers: the people they spend most of their time with. These are the people you will be spending a lot time with and getting to know on this journey.
o   Meet the higher ups: This is the boss, the parents, the (not so) scary people that you are trying to impress. Make sure you set a good first impression before your first few days of work (but don’t try so hard!)

Good luck on your search. I hope you hear back with some good news!


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