These Are My Confessions


Date after date, you seem to like them. But they may be more than what they seem. That’s why you go for the other opinion… you ask other people about them (ie: meet the friends). This is a good way to see how they interact with the people closest to them and find out what their friends like (and don’t like!) about them. However, this is a chance for them to interview you as well to see if you both are a good fit for each other.

References.. we all have to give them and truthfully, they do get checked. Yeah, the employer likes you, but what else does other people say about you? They know you better than the company does and their opinion definitely matter. Ultimately, they want to commit (ie: give a job offer) and vice versa (accept) if:

They are constantly thinking about you:  Not in a creepy way but… this means that there is something memorable (hopefully good) about you that keeps them craving more.

You have good energy: Your good energy makes them want to be around you more often whether you are optimistic, takes initiative, positive, or just your cup of coffee. You bring life into them and make them more passionate and ambitious.

You click: There’s just something about you they can’t describe, but they get you… and you get them. Boom.

You would make a great partnership: You are their missing piece (yes, we’re going there). You complete and compliment them. They have great ideas and you just bounce them off each other and make each other better.

Goals align: Isn’t it just perfect when you both are passionate about the same things and work towards a common goal? It’s true that opposites attract, but your values need to be similar for it to work.

Trust: This as we all know is important and you can’t have a relationship without trust unless you’re willing to feel paranoid all the time. You want to sleep at night don’t you?

(Have potential to) build a future with: They see it, you see it. We’re not talking about marriage (yet), but a little commitment will see where this relationship goes. It takes both of you off the market and make it official!

So there we have it… I hope you’re on your way to Find Your Peanut Butter!


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