This Is Who I’m Crushing On


There was something intriguing about this guy… he was quiet and listened well, yet knew when to talk and keep a conversation. He was kind and sweet, but also joked around with me. He was athletic and wanted to be active, but knew when we needed a night in to just watch TV. Honestly, from the first date, I didn’t completely know whether we were compatible or not, but I was intrigued and hooked. At last, there was a second and third date to get to know him even better.

The dates after the first are the best because hopefully, you’ve already broken the ice and feel comfortable with each other. This is a chance to really get more in depth to see if you want to make the commitment in the future. This is basically your chance to grill them to see if your values and goals match, check for compatibility, chemistry, and if they will provide value for you.

Interviews past the first ones also checks to make sure that you are good fit for the hiring managers and the company. This may be an opportunity for the interviewer to ask you more in depth questions, or to have you speak with their staff to make sure that you are the one for them. For one of my positions, it took me 4 interviews before they finally decided I was the right fit. They wanted to make sure that I was meeting their goals, align with the mission, and had the personality to work within the staff and the organization. Hallelujah! I got the position, but it wasn’t without lots of questioning and talking on both sides before making the commitment.

So go ahead with future meetings, second chances, dates, interviews– whatever you call them … they might end up surprising you (hopefully in a good way!).


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