I Dare You to go for that KISS!


It’s always so nerve racking going on a first date. I want to make a good first impression on my “interview”, but honestly, how do I go about it? Handshake, hug, smile, a wave? Maybe just a high five? OMG I’m so awkward. Let’s break this date down:  

Meet and greet: It’s your choice what you feel comfortable doing. I usually give the guy a hug (just go for it!) even if I don’t know them that well, or you can go in for a handshake to be on the safe side. On the other hand, if you are going on an interview, you definitely want to give a nice firm handshake and a warm smile. This will all show confidence and approachability.  

Q&A: Ahhh the interview! Have you ever had a date when they just shoot you 20 questions and you’re like, well, here’s my whole life story…? While going a (getting to know you) date and interview is a chance for you to get to know one another, it shouldn’t be stiff. Think of it like a conversation, except in some cases, professional. This may be your one chance to impress the person and get a second date or interview so make sure you come prepared!

How you present yourself: Be yourself. Easier said than done. People can tell when you’re confident, nervous, cocky, shy, or enthusiastic. Sometimes, it really is easier to be someone else, but you want to be authentic. I’ve been told that the first impression I give is I talk a lot, loud, and get really excited about a lot of little things. However, I’m also totally awkward and spill my water or always drop at least one utensil during a date. Charming. Obviously, I’m not making the best impression and this is who I am, but I should definitely try to control it during a date or interview. This means being more aware of what you’re doing, your surroundings, and how you portray yourself.

Etiquette: This means– have good manners.No matter what, respect other people and treat them right. This depends on the person and what they do, but some of the rules are universal. There are different forms of etiquette:

  • Act like a lady or gentleman
  • No swearing, using slang, or talking super casually
  • Be genuine and sincere
  • Plan in advance and arrive on time
  • Give the other person time to think and speak– LISTEN!!
  • Be considerate- offer to pay, open doors, be nice to your waiters or receptionists (this goes for both parties!)
  • No strong opinions or push any uncomfortable questions or matters
  • Be attentive and keep eye contact
  • Use humor, but don’t overdo it. Keep the conversation light

 Hopefully, the date went well and you want to see each other again. Make sure to wrap up and it’s best to let the other person know what to expect. Will you call them back? How long do they have to wait? If you can, figure that out so you aren’t squirming to hear back. Say your goodbyes and give a handshake (or a hug if on a date). If the date went well, I dare you to go for that kiss!


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