The Uphill Battle of Them All

2014-01-11 12.02.45
You got the date! Now you start preparing and doing some research… Have you ever gone on a blind date, been set up, met for a hot moment, or found them online and realized you know absolutely nothing about them? Do you want the air of mystery on your first date or do you usually do your research? What kind of research you ask… facebook stalk (oops), ask your friends, and perhaps even Google. Of course you should do your research to verify that they are really what they say and to bring up some talking points, but you should not base all your opinion on that kind of first impression. By doing your “research”, you can write down your questions (or keep them in your head) of what you want to ask.

Of course, you also want to be prepared of what they ask you. Interviews are in fact, two way. Not only should you like them if this is going to work out, they should like you too. Start thinking about your brand and who you are (are you cute, hot or sexy) and what you bring to the table. Preparing (and practicing by going on many dates!) will help you become more comfortable and confident. You want to be impressive, but of course, you also want to be yourself!

Interviews for a job…just as much pressure to impress, so you definitely want to prepare! You want to do your research by searching the company’s mission, what they do, services they offer, and any other relevant information in the news. On the other hand, you also need to know yourself and what you can offer the company in relation to what they stand for. Think back to your past jobs and see what transferrable skills and experiences are relevant to this new position. Use the STAR method to help you communicate your answers. Once you see how everything relates and comes together, don’t forget to practice, practice, practice your answers and interview techniques so that you SHINE.

Next week… coming from the sweats-wearing-queen (ie: myself)…how to dress to impress!


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