Yes, I’m That Great… I’ll Tell You Why!

2013-11-09 16.59.30

Okay. I’m lonely. Maybe desperate. Maybe not… Am I??

One time, in the fifth grade, a tragedy happened. I had a crush on one of the most popular guys and my oh-so-great friend thought it would be the best idea to write a letter on behalf of me to confess my love. She wrote about why I was so great and tried to get me a “date” and  had someone deliver it to his class that afternoon and needless to say, I never never heard from him again. Traumatic? Hell yes.

He must have looked at it and not liked what he saw. Needless to say, I didn’t get a date. However, I didn’t let rejection or a lack of a date set me back. I knew I had to start somewhere!

It may be a while (or not!) since you dated or had a significant other. Sometimes, you may miss the feeling of having someone around, that best friend, the one you can talk to, trust, and feel security with.  Well, it’s time to get yourself back out there and send in your “brag sheet”!

With a love note, you essentially put yourself out there by telling the other person why you’re so great. There is also more than way is to send out your “love note”. Do not just using only one method to brag about yourself. Sure you can hand out “love notes”, but also let your friends know you’re looking, get an online account and message that hottie, and go to parties and mixers and don’t be shy to sell yourself and ask or a date. No matter what you do, you need to get the word out and the rest will follow.

Like dating, you cannot only get the word out with simply your resume. Yes, you can apply online, on job boards, and through company websites and think you’re done, but reality check– you’re not. When I graduated from my undergraduate studies, I literally sat at home all day and applied online. Craigslist, the career services site at my school, Monster, etc. I applied to over 120 places within 6 months and only heard back from a few and got a handful of interviews, but never got the job. Each time, it was because either I had a great personality and someone else had more experience, or that they hired internally. Can I say lose-lose??

What’s my point? You can apply online and simply send in your 2-D resume, but you can also add in some personality to sell yourself by networking. I’ve found several of my positions because of past connections, referrals, and simply just telling everyone what I wanted to do. Even now, I still go to networking events when I’m not looking for a new position, but who knows which one of my new connections can help me get a job when I’m actually looking?

*Quick tip: Finding your Peanut Butter (soul mate and career) and the #onethatsticks takes time and lots and lots of patience. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! This process is all about PATIENCE.


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