Hi, My Name is Clueless. Please Tell Me More.

20150225_103610Sometimes, I feel like I’m as clueless as a doorknob about dating. Don’t get me wrong, I go on the occasional date, but what am I suppose to do when I’m *gasp* dating?

How do I get asked out or ask someone out?
What do I clueless?
Laugh at all his jokes?
Flirt? What does that even mean?!
Oh goodness, do I hold his hand?
….and what about that awkward goodnight kiss?

One time, I was dressed down because I was going for the casual look, but got a lot crap for not dressing up. Another time, I once had a guy told me that we are great as friends because I’m just like one of the bros. Uhhhh OUCH! At this point, I might as well be #foreveralone because I can’t seem to figure it out. It’s time for me to consult the experts and ask some questions that I’m dying to have answers for. Cosmopolitan and Ask Men are what seemed to be great consultants, until I needed more. I sucked it up and asked my friends to meet me so I can grill them about the ins and outs of dating. OH.SO.EMBARASSING but I had to find out the real deal. I called them, brought my list of questions, and they basically ran through every detail I didn’t understand about this world. After speaking with them, I felt as if I got enough information to write a book! However, I was more confident about what I was getting into and finally knew what to do in different situations. Thankfully, it didn’t scare me out of dating forever…

Just like how I’m pretty much clueless about dating, job seekers could want to find out more information about a new field they heard about or one that they are interested in. Informational interviews could be used in all aspects of life, especially with job searching. This is a great way to ask a buddy, a network, a supervisor, etc about their position and how they got there to gain a better understanding of a certain occupation or industry. The more you ask, the the more you know whether or not you will get excited and enjoy the position or company or occupation and be able to fulfill those duties. If not, at least you realize now so you can move the hell on.

Okay, you received your information…so what about a RESUME? Check back next week to find out more!


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