Knock knock. Open the Door to Opportunity! (Searching pt. 2)



Has anyone ever said to you You’re so great! Why are you still single”? Or any other of these similar phrases? Well, apparently being single doesn’t do me justice. I’ve encountered a couple instances where I’m at a party and my friend grabs me when on the way to the bathroom and made me talk to their cute friend that they’ve been dying to set me up with. I end up standing there awkwardly while my friend continues to brag about how great I am and vice versa and proceed to list everything we both have in common. Intrigued after hearing about my bubbly personality and the way we are both passionate about food, that cutie asked my friend to set him up.

To summarize: When you’re “braggable”, finding a job could be just that- a referral. Are you fantastic at singing? Knowledgeable about computers? Working with kids? There may be some people that notice your strengths and specialties (or your brand!) and brag to all their family, friends, boss, waitresses, hairstylist etc. about you. This is free marketing for you, so keep up being so fantastic and you’ll have your network referring you to their networks. People know people who know people!

Online Profiles

Ok Cupid. E Harmony. Coffee Meets Bagel. Widen up your networks virtually! Did you know that 25% of people find love online? While this is controversially not the most recommended method to find love, it works! Instead of talking to the person to find out more information, a online profile is simply an open book (or at least what they want to share). Laid out are their picture, likes, dislikes, stats, and of course, what they are looking for in a significant other. Do you match what they are looking for? Don’t wait…It’s time to say HELLO!

Monster. Dice. Idealist. Craigslist. You try to widen up your networks by searching for your future career online too right? Again, while it’s not the best way to search since you may not have a connection, it could happen where you find your dream job online. Outlined are who they are, what they do, and what type of qualifications in candidates they are looking for. Have the qualifications of they’re looking for? APPLY!

Don’t know exactly what you’re looking for? Check out next week for advice on INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEWING.


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