Starting to Find Your Peanut Butter (pt 1)

Starting to Find Your Peanut Butter (pt 1)
Networking Events/ Parties

Imagine yourself back in college and getting invited to all those Thursday night parties. You drink your mocktail (haha–j/k)

IMG_1170 Talk with your friends friends Play some games IMG_1199 and perhaps even flirt with that cute guy or girl you had your eye on for what seems like forever. During that time, we may be BOLD enough to approach people, have our friends introduce us, or someone simply introduces themselves to you while at the food table. You strike up a conversation and sometimes spend hours talking to them or realize you have nothing in common. If the conversation continues, you may talk, laugh, and potentially get a few numbers… Little did you know, you just walked into a NETWORKING PARTY! What do you do after the party? Probably drunk call them, text them a couple days after, or completely ignore them because you simply did not connect. However, could this lead to your next significant other? Your soul mate? Your Peanut Butter??

Now, at a networking event, you are doing the exact same things except hopefully more professional and less well, drunk. Granted you come to networking events to meet new people to work with, partner with, or gain advice from. However, can we not treat it like it’s one big party? During this time, you will approach people, your co-workers may introduce you to people they want you to meet, or that one guy or girl is still going to be asking you how the hummus is at the food table. No matter how you approach it, you will still be striking up a conversation and see if you want to continue it. If not, you let them go. If you connect, you will most likely trade contact information to keep in touch. By doing so, you may have a lead on a new job that can lead to your career. We’re dreaming big right?

There’s not only one way to Find Your Peanut Butter, so you’ll have to wait until next week to find out more. In the meantime, are there benefits to being single? Check out my special Valentine’s Day post this Saturday to find out!


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