Are you cute, hot, or sexy?

Are you cute, hot, or sexy?
I remember the good old days back in college when my girl friends were trying to find boyfriends. It was hilarious watching them because they wanted people to remember them as cute, hot, or sexy.

My “cute”friend would dress up in frilly girly dress and talk in a baby voice all the time.


The “hot” friend would always try to demand attention and command the room.


“Sexy” tried to show as much skin as possible, flirted and giggled and tried to show off all her curves.


No matter what they did or how they acted, they all had one thing in common: they tried to be KNOWN FOR SOMETHING. Whether you want to be cute, hot, or sexy, you establish yourself with your BRAND and portray yourself that way. You act how you want others to perceive you.

Portraying yourself as a job seeker or working man or woman is the same thing. Do you want to be perceived as professional, confident, the BOSS, the follower, the one that takes initiative, etc.? You can mix and match all these qualities, but you always end up doing what you feel most comfortable.

Now, how do you find your brand?

You should remember that although you want to be portrayed in one way, it may not always be executed well in front of others. When you think you’re being cute, others might think you’re immature. When you think you’re taking charge, others might think you’re being bitchy. Being known for a couple things is great, but keep in mind how you execute it and take into account how other people perceive you.

Now that you’re ready to go out into the world.. the next post is tips on where you can start searching!

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