How I Found Love In The Strawberry Fields


I’m in love with the smell and look of perfectly ripe and sweet strawberries and was in heaven when I went strawberry picking. You might be thinking… why do all the work and pick your own strawberries when you can simply go to the store and buy them really quick?

Well, I like the qualities of doing so myself. I like to take the scenery all in, spend some time with it, admire it’s best qualities, enjoy what it has to offer, and of course, pick the one I want. Sounds like a relationship doesn’t it?

While I picking my strawberries, I could eat as many as I wanted (within 15 minutes) and fill a full basket, but they had to be up to the farmer’s standards before we pick them. They had to be fully grown and could not have much more potential to sprout more flowers. I’m sitting here wondering.. this is really objective and vague… when can I commit to picking it and taking it home?

I had a few friends who were unsure about their “strawberry picking” and whether they should leave it (the relationship) how it is or move forward to the “next step”. My question to you… when is a good time to ask someone to be your boyfriend/girlfriend? Can you try to commit if it’s too soon (like picking a baby strawberry that still has it’s flowers) or should you wait it out until you think you understand what the farmer wants?